Text 31 Jan So no Altriacraft…. although I feel I have already found a good replacement mod though.

Harken’s Scythe would really fit the magic experience that I am pushing for, as I recently downloaded it and like its use pretty well.  Would definatally have to nerf the axe augment though somehow.

Text 29 Jan Opening Ideas…

          These are the beginning ideas to the modpake/server I want to make, Divine Wars.  I will not include a mod without permissions (I don’t care how much demand there is for it, if they don’t give permission, I will NOT add it.  Pester the Dev if you really want it added, and if it fits the theme of the pack, and I get permission, I will work on adding it in).  This is currently just a think-tank for DW (I am going to shorthand Divine Wars as this from now on), and the focus of the pack is going to be a magic based experience.  No techy stuff, unless their tech feels pretty magic based (Factorization is a good example of something that feels on the edge of tech and magic.  If there was enough demand, I would include it).  An example of a mod that is NOT making it in is IC2, no matter what.

          The current mods I am considering Core to the pack are Divine RPG, a mod that focuses on pretty lategame combat and adds 7 dimensions currently, as well as a lot of high end bosses.  Thaumcraft 3 is also a mod I wish to use, as it feels very strongly of magical powers and your effect on the world. Ars Magica, with its powerful combat magic, would also be a great addition if I could manage it, although I feel this would be one of the toughest mods to get approval of.  Altriacraft, the sequel to Swords+ by StarshadesJack, is also much wanted (and if I do get this, will heavily alter how Divine RPG weapons are crafted, as I will bind them to the style of weapon crafting used in Altriacraft.  I expect this process will drive me crazy).  This mod is heavily in WIP though, but I expect Starshades will probably have it very well along by the time the pack is coming together.  I really like how it would feel with the pack, based on Starshade’s ideas about what will be in it upon completion.  These 4 mods are core to how I want the server to play out, and without a doubt I must have at least 3 out of the 4 to even bother with going any farther.  I can start the pack, but nothing will happen without these guys saying yes.

The way I want the mods to interact in DW is so that Thaumcraft, Ars Magica, and Altriacraft all feel like classes you can chose, or professions, so to speak.  Altriacraft would be the weapon crafting group, focused on the production of advanced weapons used in combat.  Ars Magica would be a more combat mage roles, focused on their great deal of magical firepower.  Thaumcraft would be the most utility heavy group, with the ability to transform metals into other types, and powerful building materials as well as its lovely golems.  The hope is to promote factions forming, as bands of players group up to perform the task needed to advance though the mod (the way it is intended, you will want a group of friends to play with on the server… makes things much funner as a side effect).  I intend to make each of the mods much harder to advance though, as to promote specialization and teamwork, vs just going jack of all trades which is currently possible in all of them.  The reason I want Divine RPG in the mod list is because it promotes endgame very heavily, something that, at least I feel, lacks in Vanilla Minecraft.  Hopefully the party system that it seems like Mojang is adding in 1.5 would be very helpful for this.

I would also intend for PvP to be a part of the server, in all worlds but the Overworld (which is mostly so that people who have already managed to hit endgame can’t spawn camp poor newbies.  I hate that on PvP servers.  Absolutely hate it.  Especially considering an unenchanted lategame Divine RPG weapon can literally 1 hit an unprotected player.

          Other mods being considered for addition are Twilight Forest, Mystcraft, and Runic Dust.  Smart Moving could also be an addition, as I am a fan of that mod, and it isn’t tech based, just allows you greater control over how you move.  Asgard’s Shield also looks interesting, although I don’t have experience with it to know if it would fit what I am looking for.  Its mechanics would probably need quite a few adjustments to fit well.  Forestry would be a -distant- possibility, although it would be more for the add-ons than for itself.

Feel free to make sugestions, all will be considered so long as they follow a few basic rules (No vulgarity/trash talking, suggestion isn’t technology based, or at least overly so, and I must be able to obtain permissions from the devs).  As I get closer to making the pack availible, I will make a Minecraftforum.net thread for it.  Don’t worry, there will be a big announcement here before then.

You can expect to see this site evolve as the ideas I have for the pack become more fleshed out.

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